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"For me, painting is a source of happiness; I draw to be happy."

After getting married, I experienced many of transitions as a wife and as a mother. Those changes brought me ontological questions about my identity and self. Together with those questions, being a wife and mother gave me more a serious perspective about life than in past when I was single. I found my identity and self shaped by my relationships with my husband and daughter; being with them brings me many feelings and thoughts.


My life and family given from God, and to you reading this now, all of these are so precious and thankful. Most of all, my daughter is the greatest gift from God, and the life taught by having her is the very joy and happiness itself. The world I see with her is full of beauty and it gives me comfort. I try to put happiness, love, hope, and joy of life into my works.


My desire is that people get a feeling of happiness and comfort from my works, just like what I have experienced and learned from.





Gee Hae Paik is a London-born, Korean artist and conservator living in Newport News, VA.


She holds a Master of Arts degree in Paper Conservation at University of the Arts London, and Bachelor degree in Fine Arts at Ewha Women University, Seoul, South Korea.


Her work, "The Snowy Day (2013)" won the Robert Frost Award of Honor at the 2013 Port Warwick Art & Sculpture Festival. 

Gee Hae Paik photo


Gee Hae Paik photo


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